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Wakili ChapChap is a legal self-help app tailored for SMEs and individuals. It enables you to create your own legal documents online through simple guided questions and connects you to lawyers when you need legal advice.

The proliferation of the internet in the 21st century has changed the way business is conducted across nearly all sectors of the economy globally. Many industries on the African continent have in recent years utilized technology to catch up and, in some cases, surpass our compatriots in other parts of the world. Wakili ChapChap aims to utilize technology to provide the general public with access to legal information and lawyers We do this by providing a win-win platform that lowers the barriers that prevent the general public from finding reliable legal information while simultaneously expanding the pool of potential clients for lawyers.

“Wakili Connect” is the modern-day walk-in client. Wakili ChapChap users get a consultation with a lawyer from the comfort of their own location. This provides advocates with potential long-term clients and in-turn provides the client with an opportunity to have her legal issue addressed.

“Wakili Finder” is an interactive, searchable repository of lawyer information that enables clients to find lawyers based on location & practice areas (among others), book appointments and get turn-by-turn directions to lawyers’ offices.

We have a library of simple legal forms and contracts that users can utilize to create their own documents. Because there is no substitute for a qualified advocate, we ensure that local advocates are available to help if any further guidance is needed.

Our mission is to make legal services easy, accessible and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions